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The therapists really helped me. I liked how they were really nice and could relate to a lot of problems that I had.  Everything was great. Thank you.
11-year-old male

You can help support our work, the health of our communities, and the advancement of research and of family health on a local, national, and international scale.

Help Families: Contribute for Services

Your donation can be earmarked specifically for services to families provided at CFC, such as family therapy.

When we provide low-cost assessment, diagnosis, referral, and intervention services to children age 2 through 17 and a range of assessment and intervention options to parents, not only do families and communities benefit, but ample data are collected, analyzed, and reported that benefit the greater community of child and family researchers around the world.

CFC Endorsement

[Our therapist] helped
our family a lot. She gave us great ideas to improve our situation. She always made us feel comfortable and welcomed. My boys loved going to see her.
We could not be happier. – parents of a
5-year-old male

Help CFC Continue Its Research

Your donation can be targeted specifically to CFC’s equipment needs, training programs, and research:

CFC Endorsement

Our therapist was eager
to accommodate our schedule. She was very friendly and warm and put all family members at ease. Our son bonded well with her and became emotionally stronger. – parents of an
11-year-old male

Thanks to your generosity and your caring about today’s youth and how they progress into their roles as tomorrow’s leaders, CFC can make significant strides in sharing methods and findings with the greater scientific community and with treatment providers who work with the general public.

We welcome your financial donation in any dollar amount!

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