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Welcome to the
Child and Family Center

The Child and Family Center is an innovative research center within the Prevention Science Institute at the University of Oregon that focuses on developing and disseminating science-based mental health services to children and families in many Participate at CFC communities and settings. CFC has received national and international recognition for the success of its family-centered services, and it is poised to move these services into the future by studying implementation and dissemination in settings such as public schools, WIC, and community mental health programs worldwide.

The overall research and service mission of CFC involves conducting basic and applied research about children and families, focusing on how to effectively serve culturally and ethnically diverse families, training tomorrow’s researchers and clinicians, and supporting the mental health of our communities by designing improved prevention and treatment strategies that have a positive public health impact on children and families.

Mission Statement

The Child and Family Center is dedicated to understanding and promoting mental health and resilience in families in all cultural communities. CFC emphasizes research on social–emotional development from infancy through adolescence and strives toward innovation in assessment, prevention, and intervention services for children and families. CFC seeks to collaborate with local, tribal, state, national, and international organizations and researchers engaged in similar efforts to understand and promote mental health in children and families.

CFC carries out its mission by: