Development and Psychopathology Training Program

Seminar series: Development, Emotion, Ecology, and Psychopathology (DEEP)
Funding period: July 1, 1999–June 30, 2014
Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Stormshak
Co-Investigators: Dr. Thomas Dishion, CFC; Dr. Phil Fisher, Oregon Social Learning Center
Funded by: National Institute on Mental Health, National Institutes of Health

The Development and Psychopathology Research Training Grant is a program of research training for doctoral students in the behavioral sciences, as well as for postdoctoral research fellows. The training program tightly links studies on the development of psychopathology and on intervention science. It provides training in diverse approaches and methods used in developmental and child clinical psychology. The program is organized within an ecological framework that integrates neuroscience, cognitive psychology, personality, social development, and intervention science.

Faculty and researchers affiliated with the three participating sites—the University of Oregon, Oregon Social Learning Center, and Oregon Research Institute—are recognized internationally for research that links developmental mechanisms with innovations in child and family intervention. They are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive training program in the translation of developmental and neurobiological research to preventative and clinical interventions.

Two assets of the infrastructure for the training program:

Specific aims of the program:

The research training model is defined by three basic strategies:

For more information: Dr. Elizabeth Stormshak, 541-346-4805