Volunteer Opportunities


Oregon Parent Project Children’s Program

The Oregon Parent Project needs volunteers who are interested in assisting the intervention staff and providing services, care, and support to children whose parents are participating in weekly intervention sessions. Children’s program staff will be trained in strategies to work with children with special needs and will be supervised in providing care. Students must commit to a three-term internship, and participation is subject to a background check.

OPP is also looking for volunteers who are interested in assisting the assessment team with in-home data collection and a variety of activities that support the assessment protocol, such as data checking, filing, and preparing packets. Assessors and volunteers visit homes and work with parents of children who have special needs to gather data and videotape parent-child interactions. We require a one-year commitment from students and volunteers who would like to be a part of the assessment team. Information, requirements, and an application are available by emailing Angie Relling, project coordinator. 

Front Desk Reception

The CFC uses volunteers to help staff our front desk during the day. Students who are working in volunteer/practicum/work study positions help with a variety of tasks, including childcare, reception, filing, and organization. In addition, front desk staff often have opportunities to learn about and help with many projects at the Child and Family Center throughout the year. If you are interested in gaining experience working at the Child and Family Center, please contact Michelle Sheng-Palmisano at msheng@uoregon.edu.

Observational Data Coding

View family interactions and code behavior observation data at CFC! We need volunteers who are interested in flexible hours and valuable hands-on research experience coding both video and audio assessments. Credit is available for undergraduate students who can commit to a three-term internship. Hourly pay may be offered to volunteers who are fluent in Spanish, or to those who continue working beyond their three-term commitment. Information, requirements, and an application are available by emailing Jenene Peterson at jenene@uoregon.edu.