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"Our therapist was eager to accommodate our schedule. She was very friendly and warm and put all family members at ease. Our son bonded well with her and became emotionally stronger."

parents of an 11-year-old male

Clinical Staff

Karrie Walters, Ph.D., Practicum Director

Karrie is the practicum training director at the Child and Family Center.  Karrie received her doctorate degree in counseling psychology in 2010.  She also holds a master’s degree in special education and has worked with children and families professionally for more than 15 years in both educational and counseling environments. Karrie's clinical interests include anxiety disorders, queer/transgender youth and families, parent-child relationships, and application of the Family Check-Up.  Her research interests include child and family intervention and prevention, with a focus on identity-based motivation, empowerment, and social justice.


Kevin Moore, Ph.D., Supervisor

Kevin has focused his professional and scientific career on the development and implementation of evidence-based and evidence-informed behavior health treatments for children, youths, and families. He has over twenty-five years of experience in researching, providing, clinically supervising, and consulting on evidence-based assessment and treatments for families and children across educational, community-based mental health, social welfare, residential, and juvenile justice settings. He is also interested in methodological and analytic techniques for the study of naturally occurring clinical events in the psychological and medical treatments of children, clinical supervision, and in the treatment of low-incident childhood mental and physical health challenges. Dr. Moore is also a licensed school psychologist and helps the clinic provide psycho-educational assessments and/or independent psycho-educational evaluations.